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The siren has been a symbol of Starbucks mysterious and alluring since 1971.

In collaboration with artist Danny Doya he was set to create his own interpretation of this mythical creature naming it “ La Sirena Encantada” (The Enchanted Siren) stretching 48 ft across the café area, while merging the exterior with the interiors with her double tails at the patio area.

This mural showcases touches of gold leaf for each of the royal palms on the background, while the siren has been dressed in a chic attire with tulle appliques as part of her bustier -  so Palm Beach !

The interiors provide design elements that evoke a sense of refinement and elevated touches of a true Palm Beach gem. Book matching marble span across the bar in juxtaposition with white oak cladding, used as an element that ties the overall interior architecture and the furniture. Pendant lights designed by Constance Guisset’s are inspired by the lady hats worn on beaches and multiple Palm Beach resorts and nevertheless our customers.

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Rosemary 2.JPG

Design Team Credits //

Ivette Cardenas | Design Manager 

Vanessa Rubio  | Sr. Designer 

Lucas Alvarez - Tabio | Sr. Design Manager

Eduardo Meza | Design Director

David Daniels | VP of Design 

Additional Credits //


Artwork | Artist Danny Doya 

Photography | Matthew Glac 

Construction | BRV Construction 

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Video Credits: Danny Doya 

Music Credits: Mathieu Lamboley

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