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Conceived as a conversion of an existing building with a double drive through site plan, we were set to transform this building by giving it a modern facade. The front half of the building is cladded in vertical teak planks with a slightly taller parapet height than the back half of the building, to give it more of a presence along Mayfield Rd.


The large canopy along the patio and entrance side of the building to provide shelter for pull-ahead and curbside/MOP orders. The patio seating area has two sections of decorative breeze block walls to provide a barrier from the pull ahead parking spaces.


There will be two pull ahead waiting spaces at the front of the patio and four curbside/MOP pick up spaces along the entrance side of the building. The interior will have a mix of two top cafe tables and chairs, banquette seating, soft lounge seating, and tables for groups of two to four. An interior screen will provide a buffer between the entrance door and the lounge seating area and constructed of the same breeze blocks from the patio but painted a darker green accent color. The interior palette will largely consist of a white oak finish in the furniture, wall cladding, and bar front. Accent finishes include grayish/green painted wall covering, Terrazzo-looking floor tile, warm caramel leather, and a large framed canvas piece of artwork as a focal point near the lounge seating. The engine is a drive through forward layout.

& Mayfair

Design Team Credits //

Tanner West | Designer 

Eirik Agustsson  | Sr. Designer 

Geoffrey Painter | Managing Director

David Daniels | VP of Design 

Additional Credits //

Photography | Matthew Glac 

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