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With this new space the design team was able to enhance partner experience through a brand-new engine, an amplified MOP area to better serve the fast -paced customers, and a bigger café area to allow customers to have a more comfortable waiting experience during peak time frames. This relocation also allowed us to provide a patio space for customers to sit and enjoy their beverage while being surrounded by gorgeous greenery providing a respite from their busy day. We have also created a dedicated entrance to allow ease of access for 7200 building users. We are excited for the future growth of Bethesda with a new metro station opening nearby we will be in a better position for growth and customer experience. Designer Ross Downing sought to create a modern environment filled with warmth and contract by pairing clean lines with a modest palette. The custom ceiling design was chosen to reflect the fast-paced customers who will get to enjoy this new store. The space is finished off with custom artwork named “Polinizadores” (translates to pollinators) by artist Jade Rivera, known to us from his murals in Hacienda Alsacia. The rich greens of this art piece complement the color pallet of the store expertly and the bright reds of the coffee cherries weave in a gorgeous complementary color showcasing our coffee heritage.


Design Team Credits //

Ross Downing | Design Manager 

Vanessa Rubio  | Sr. Designer 

Gida Avila | Sr. Design Manager

Eduardo Meza | Design Director

David Daniels | VP of Design 

Additional Credits //


Artwork | Jade Rivera 

Photography | Matthew Glac 

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