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New York Studio 



Down the street from a train station, this location appeals to commuters looking for an easy definable customer footprint to grab and go.


A new re-imagined space for our neighborhood customers looking for a place to relax with comfortable seating and a welcoming atmosphere. 


The entry sequence was reconfigured to support a new engine layout with increased efficiency. Organized café seating zones created a familiar path for commuting customers.


The design focused on creating a warm, layered and familiar space. Balanced by the subtle shifts in tone and texture. The design uses visual and physical hierarchy to emphasize the central banquette and adjacent lounge area.


This café provides an intimate and harmonious 3rd place environment.

Yonkers Bronx River Rd

Design Team Credits //

Ana Weinstein | Store Designer

Sarah Crutchfield | Design Manager 

Ashley Wallace  | Sr. Designer 

Sara Ly  | Sr. Design Manager

Thom Burns | Design Director

David Daniels | VP of Design 


Additional Credits //


Photography | Matthew Glac 

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