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Dallas  Studio 

12300 South +
1300 East Draper



The project team worked closely with a progressive developer and landlord architect to develop this unusually minimalist drive-thru cafe.


The exterior shell utilized cast-in-place concrete and steel framing which allowed clerestory lighting and remarkable transparency at all four elevations.


The interior boasts a 14-foot glazing wall along three sides of the building, affording customers dramatic views of the nearby Wasatch Range to the east and Traverse Mountains to the south.


An expansive outdoor café space is protected from the wind by extensive roof eaves and landscaped enclosing walls. The high café ceiling was balanced out with a walnut slat suspended ceiling that conceals steel structure, HVAC and lighting elements.


A tall, open café space was further emphasized using offset vertical walnut cladding contrasted by brass horizontal banding details. The resulting design creates a calm, refined core DT café aesthetic with dramatic sightlines to dramatic Utah Valley Mountain Ranges and sky vistas.

Design Team Credits //

Jeremie Carvalho | Design Manager 

Jeremiah Bailey  | Sr. Designer 

Garrett Seaman  | Sr. Design Manager

Geoff Painter | Design Director

David Daniels | VP of Design 

Additional Credits //


Sculpture | Dollores Shelledy

Photography | Matthew Glac 


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