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New York Metro Studio 



New York City commutes can make or break your day. The salve to these commuter woes? Your friendly neighborhood Starbucks. Situated across the street from bustling Penn Station resides 31st Street and 7th Avenue.


Home to a slew of store partners, local commuters, and the designated "home" store for the New York Regional Office. Suffice it to say, when it was time to renovate the store, our regional team knew exactly how important it was to "wow!" the neighborhood and welcome them back to a new experience.

The design and construction teams focused on flipping the store from a moody palette to something brighter and welcoming. The vibe of the store is often described as "walking into a big hug," a beacon of positivity amongst the dreary Midtown landscape.


The newly implemented sightlines, the bright palette with varying brass tones and considered lighting choices, and open layout ensure partner and customer safety in the busy neighborhood.

An emboldened mural of the Siren opposite the engine--brought to life by artist Ola Volo--is the perfect interpretation of our brand for Midtown. She exudes care, bravery. Her placement can be admired from both the main floor and the mezzanine. Our Siren provides a dynamic experiential piece that brings the entire space to life.

31st & 7th

Design Team Credits //

Melissa Mccaughey | Design Manager 

Boban Jovanovic  | Sr. Designer 

Richard Rogers | Sr. Design Manager

Thom Burns | Design Director

David Daniels | VP of Design 

Additional Credits //


Artwork | Ola Volo

Photography | Matthew Glac 

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