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The existing store was challenged with an undersized engine and an out of date café experience.  To accomplish this, the cross-functional team used key feedback from our operation partners to make the renovation most effective.  The major transformation goals were to address operational challenges, ensure partner and customer safety, and the condition of the café.  This would include enlarging the footprint of the engine, increasing queuing space, and providing a more open café experience.


The design team first focused on creating a layout that expanded the engine and right-sized the back of house to provide space for equipment that the store truly needed.  This also included testing an open restroom concept, that allowed for increased visibility to the partners for safety.


Through partnerships with construction, the designer was able to celebrate some of the original architectural features hidden within the historic landmarked space: refinishing the original wood floors in the café, and also carefully integrating the arcade of columns into the engine design. 


The moody palette provides a cool backdrop to the bright engine – highlighted with brass detailing and strategically places lighting to guide our customers to the POS and HOP by beaconing them via a hierarchy of light.  Every finish and detail within the space was intentional and strategic to celebrate and combine the history of this space and our brand.  Most notedly perhaps, the partnership with local artist Dana Tanamachi to create three pieces of art entitled ‘Peace’,’ Justice’, ‘Gratitude’ as nods to the original artwork specially created for the store over 20 years ago. 


We are happy to say that we brought the SOHO charm back to our cafe.

Spring & 

Design Team Credits //

Melissa Mccaughey | Design Manager 

Boban Jovanovic  | Sr. Designer 

Richard Rogers | Sr. Design Manager

Thom Burns | Design Director

David Daniels | VP of Design 

Additional Credits //


Artwork | Dana Tanamachi

Photography | Matthew Glac 

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