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Lemmon & 


3. Lemmon & Throckmorton_interior.jpg

With such a large volume and complicated existing structure, the team had to focus on how to organize the space both in 2-dimensional layout and 3-dimensional massing.


Intentionally limiting tone and texture and use of minimal accent light fixture helped to create visual hierarchy and created clear customer journey.


Existing structure forced portion of the ceiling too low to accommodate menu boards at typical location, but well detailed menu boards frame on the side made restrictions unnoticeable.


Regular customer groups influenced furniture layout and selection big time. Cozy dining room table with picture frame window is perfect for group’s everyday morning ritual. The spacious and lounge patio is VIP pit stop for pedestrian customers with their fur families throughout the day.


Minimal but strategic exterior refresh helped the team stay on budget while elevating the existing building to be brand appropriate and still fit within the neighborhood vibe.

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Design Team Credits //

Hyeree Kim | Design Manager 

Jeremiah Bailey  | Sr. Designer 

Garrett Seaman  | Sr. Design Manager

Geoff Painter | Design Director

David Daniels | VP of Design 

Additional Credits //

Photography | Matthew Glac 


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